Sunday, September 7, 2008

CSC As I See It 009

How is the data container build in Oracle, FileMaker, Firebird,and SQLite?

Oracle -this is how Oracle Maestro looks when you start it for the first time.
-select the Database Create Database Profiles main menu item to create profiles for the existing databases.
-after you have created the required database profiles (Create Database Profile Wizard) they appear in the explorer tree on the left. Now you can establish connection to the database. If connection succeeds, the database node expands displaying the tree of its objects.
-new tables are created within Create Table Wizard. In order to run the wizard you should either:

-select the Object Create Database Object... main menu item;
-select the Table icon in the Create Database Object dialog or
-select the Tables list or any object from that list in the explorer tree;
-select the Create New Table... item from the popup menu or-open and the Tables tab there;-press the Insert key or select the Create New Table item from the popup menu (alternatively, you may use the corresponding link of the Navigation Bar).

FileMaker -you select from a palette of files, fields, and graphic tools to create a structure.
-the first step in designing a database is choosing what information you want to store in a database.
-the second step is to create fields in your file. This requires deciding what types of fields you want. For example, fields can store text, numbers, pictures, or other kinds of data.
-the third step is to create layouts. Layouts are computer screens that present information to you. Usually a database provides graphic tools that can enhance the appearance of the layout. For example, you can add boxes, lines, and fill patterns by using the tool palette.

Firebird -database are made in the Create Database Wizard.
-to run the Create Database Wizard, select the Database Create New Database... main menu item or click the Create New Database button on the main toolbar.
-the first wizard step allows you to set a name of the new database.
-database Editor allows you to browse all the database objects and its main properties. There is possible to create, edit and drop database sub-items.

SQLite -just click the "Create New Database" button from the main menu item
-this will lead you to the Create Database Wizard
-once you have accomplish filling up some informations in the Wizard window, you have now your database
-in making tables, you must first connect to a database.
-once you have connected, just right-click the database item in the explorer tree. Then, click "Create New Table".

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