Sunday, September 7, 2008

CSC As I See It 003


DATA- is an information that we process into the computer. Data is also an informationin a database that is classified according to its characteristics. Data structure is theway to organized the database in the computer. While dbms is the ono who designedfor the purpose of managing some database on a variety of data models into thecomputer software.

Why input data?
We input data to update some information into the computer. To perform some specific task that come out in our mind, to enhance the information that we gather.

Why process data?
We process data enable for us to know the errors or mistakes of what we input into the computer. To have a copy of our data if ever it is not acceptable, so its easy for us to insert or change the errors that we made.

Output for what?
Output it for us to know if it is already done or not. To clarify the errors that we made. Output it to have some background about our data. we output it for our further study, to be our guide

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